Anyone have a good cabbage recipe?

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Do you ever see an incredibly attractive scruffy guy riding a motorbike on the highway and melt into a puddle? Do you also then spend the rest of the day fantasising about him?

No…..yea me neither ;)

Contemplated getting out of pjs for pizza delivery. decided it wasn’t worth it. Dude can see just how fat and slobby i am =D

I love him.

I just don’t love him enough to live in misery.

And that is ok.

Was sad earlier so dressed the kids up in some of my favourite clothes for them and went to the shops. After spending all my money (dinner and stuff) I am much happier but am sure this is gonna make me stress for the rest of the fortnight as i am now extremely broke :(

My feelings go up and down like a yo-yo.

I don’t know how I am going to be or react from one minute to the next. I take it out everyone. My kids are getting the rough end of the stick.

My house is constantly filthy. When I manage to get a little clean is disgusting again within a couple of hours. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I need to start prepping for my exam but I am so screwed. No idea what I am doing. Everything sucks.


it makes me uncomfortable that they dont shoot movie scenes in order

I spend way too long trying to guess what order it was filled in.

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Hate when I can’t sleep. Eddie will be up in about 3 hours and i am still awake.

I would say wide awake but that fact is I am super drowsy I just can’t sleep. Boo hoo.

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